Posted: November 21, 2012 at 1:17 pm

good morning Olivier,


about photographs of Tomasso… you don’t understand because i am an artist and not a fashion cunt photographer… it is just a portrait of a boy but a beautiful Italian boy that I will go back to Rome and build a film around… he is my new star and inspiration to make a film next year in Roma… I am writing the screenplay now… the photographs of him are like a section of images from a film… if you don’t publish them somebody else will right away… you asked for 8 pages and i made this for you… if you don’t get it it’s not my fault… don’t underestimate your audience… they will come around and if a few years the issue will be worth a lot a money and a collectors item because of the suite of photographs i took of my new film star the first minutes i met him… Tomasso….


best,  larry


On Dec 4, 2012, at 4:40 PM, Olivier Zahm wrote:

Hi Larry,

Sorry for my late reply. I am back in NY from Tokyo and I’m starting the layout of the magazine.

For your interview, I got the portrait -thank you! I still need high res film stills from Marfa Girl, to accompany the interview.

For your poster, I got the high res that you sent. However, we have a real problem of resolution if we are going to print it big. This one is 16 cm x 10 cm, and we would need more like 70 cm x 40 cm, in 300 dpi resolution. Of course, we can always cheat a bit with the resolution, but it’s always best to have the biggest file possible. Should we instead do a poster with a bunch of smaller images ? Say 10, each postcard size ?

For your men’s story of Tomasso : I don’t understand what you sent, it’s just a portrait of this boy. I was expecting different pictures of him. Skating, with friends, in different outfits, to be able to create a 4 or 6 page story. Do you have a larger variety of pictures of him, even during different days ?

I will call you in a half an hour and we can discuss everything.

All the best

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