Posted: November 21, 2012 at 1:17 pm

good morning Olivier,

Will Cameron, who built and runs has a press link that you can get all the high rez set stills from the film you want…  Will is coming over to my loft at 8am so you will have the link this morning… also he is re-doing the image for the poster so you will also have that in the higher rez you need…


about photographs of Tomasso… you don’t understand because i am an artist and not a fashion cunt photographer… it is just a portrait of a boy but a beautiful Italian boy that I will go back to Rome and build a film around… he is my new star and inspiration to make a film next year in Roma… I am writing the screenplay now… the photographs of him are like a section of images from a film… if you don’t publish them somebody else will right away… you asked for 8 pages and i made this for you… if you don’t get it it’s not my fault… don’t underestimate your audience… they will come around and if a few years the issue will be worth a lot a money and a collectors item because of the suite of photographs i took of my new film star the first minutes i met him… Tomasso….


best,  larry


On Dec 4, 2012, at 4:40 PM, Olivier Zahm wrote:

Hi Larry,

Sorry for my late reply. I am back in NY from Tokyo and I’m starting the layout of the magazine.

For your interview, I got the portrait -thank you! I still need high res film stills from Marfa Girl, to accompany the interview.

For your poster, I got the high res that you sent. However, we have a real problem of resolution if we are going to print it big. This one is 16 cm x 10 cm, and we would need more like 70 cm x 40 cm, in 300 dpi resolution. Of course, we can always cheat a bit with the resolution, but it’s always best to have the biggest file possible. Should we instead do a poster with a bunch of smaller images ? Say 10, each postcard size ?

For your men’s story of Tomasso : I don’t understand what you sent, it’s just a portrait of this boy. I was expecting different pictures of him. Skating, with friends, in different outfits, to be able to create a 4 or 6 page story. Do you have a larger variety of pictures of him, even during different days ?

I will call you in a half an hour and we can discuss everything.

All the best

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